Josef von Sternberg

Born:  May 29, 1894, Vienna, Austria-Hungary

Died:  December 22, 1969, Hollywood, California


1925:  The Salvation Hunters, The Masked Bride

1926:  Exquisite Sinner, A Woman of the Sea

1927:  It, Children of Divorce, Underworld

1928:  The Last Command, The Dragnet, Street of Sin, The Docks of New York

1929:  The Case of Lena Smith, Thunderbolt

1930:  The Blue Angel, Morocco, The Blue Angel

1931:  Dishonored, An American Tragedy

1932:  Shanghai Express, Blonde Venus

1934:  The Scarlet Empress

1935:  The Devil Is A Woman, Crime and Punishment

1936:  The King Steps Out

1937:  I Claudius

1938:  The Great Waltz

1939:  Sergeant Madden

1940:  I Take This Woman

1941:  The Shanghai Gesture

1946:  Duel In The Sun

1952:  Macao

1953:  Ana-ta-han

1957:  Jet Pilot


Academy Award Nominations:  Best Director, Morocco (1931); Shanghai Express (1932)

Venice Film Festival Nominations:  In Competition , The Devil Is A Woman (1935); The King Steps Out (1936); Anatahan (1953)