John Sturges

Born:  January 3, 1910, Oak Park, Illinois.


1946:  The Man Who Dared, Shadowed, Alias Mr. Twilight

1947:  For The Love Of Rusty, Keeper of the Bees, Thunderbolt

1948:  The Sign of the Ram, Best Man Wins

1949:  The Walking Hills

1950:  The Capture, Mystery Street, Right Cross, The Magnificent Yankee

1951:  Kind Lady, The People Against O’Hara, It’s A Big Country: An American Anthology

1952:  The Girl In White

1953:  Jeopardy, Fast Company, Escape From Fort Bravo

1955:  Bad Day At Black Rock (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), Underwater!, The Scarlet Coat

1956:  Backlash

1957:  Gunfight At The OK Corral

1958:  Saddle The Wind, The Law and Jake Wade, The Old Man and the Sea

1959:  Last Train From Gun Hill, Never So Few

1960:  The Magnificent Seven

1961:  By Love Possessed

1962:  Sergeants 3, A Girl Named Tamiko

1963:  The Great Escape

1965:  The Satan Bug, The Hallelujah Trail

1967:  Hour of the Gun

1968:  Ice Station Zebra

1969:  Marooned

1972:  Joe Kidd

1973:  Chino

1974:  McQ

1976:  The Eagle Has Landed


Died:  August 18, 1992, San Luis Obispo, California.