John Ford

Born:  February 1, 1894, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Died:  August 31, 1973, Palm Desert, California


1917:  Straight Shooting, The Secret Man, A Marked Man, Bucking Broadway

1918:  The Phantom Riders, Wild Women, Thieves’ Gold, The Scarlet Drop, Hell Bent, A Woman’s Fool, The Craving, Three Mounted Men

1919:  Roped, The Fighting Brothers, A Fight for Love, Bare Fists, Riders of Vengeance, The Outcasts of Poker Flat, Ace of the Saddle, Rider of the Law, A Gun Fightin’ Gentleman, Marked Men

1920:  The Prince of Avenue A, The Girl In Number 29, Hitchin’ Posts, Just Pals

1921:  The Big Punch, The Freeze-Out, The Wallop, Desperate Trails, Action, Sure Fire, Jackie

1922:  Little Miss Smiles, Silver Wings, The Village Blacksmith

1923:  The Face on the Bar-Room Floor, Three Jumps Ahead, Cameo Kirby, North of the Yukon, Hoodman Blind

1924:  The Iron Horse, Hearts of Oak

1925:  Lightnin’, Kentucky Pride, Thank You, Once To Every Man

1926:  The Shamrock Handicap, 3 Bad Men, The Blue Eagle

1927:  Upstream

1928:  Mother Machree, Four Sons, Hangman’s House, Riley The Cop

1929:  Strong Boy, King of the Khyber Rifles, Salute

1930:  Men Without Women, Born Reckless, Up The River

1931:  Seas Beneath, The Brat, Arrowsmith

1932:  Air Mail, Flesh

1933:  Pilgrimage, Doctor Bull

1934:  The Lost Patrol, The World Moves On, Judge Priest

1935:  The Whole Taown’s Talking, The Informer (Oscar Winner: Best Director), Steamboat Round the Bend

1936:  The Prisoner of Shark Island, Mary of Scotland, The Plough and the Stars

1937:  Wee Willie Winkie, The Hurricane

1938:  Four Men and a Prayer, Submarine Patrol

1939:  Stagecoach (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), Young Mr. Lincoln, Drums Along The Mohawk

1940:  The Grapes of Wrath (Oscar Winner: Best Director), The Long Voyage Home

1941:  Tobacco Road, How Green Was My Valley (Oscar Winner: Best Director)

1943:  December 7th: The MovieHow To Operate Behind Enemy Lines, German Industrial Manpower

1944:  Undercover

1945:  They Were Expendable

1946:  My Darling Clementine

1947:  The Fugitive

1948:  Fort Apache, Three Godfathers

1949:  She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, Pinky

1950:  When Willie Comes Marching Home, Wagon Master, Rio Grande

1951:  This Is Korea!

1952:  The Quiet Man (Oscar Winner: Best Director), What Price Glory

1953:  The Sun Shines Bright, Mogambo

1955:  The Long Gray Line, Mister Roberts

1956:  The Searchers

1957:  The Wings of Eagles, The Rising of the Moon

1958:  Gideon’s Day, The Last Hurrah

1959:  The Horse Soldiers

1960:  Sergeant Rutledge

1961:  Two Rode Together

1962:  The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, How The West Was Won

1963:  Donovan’s Reef

1964:  Cheyenne Autumn

1965:  Young Cassidy

1966:  7 Women

1976:  Chesty: A Tribute To a Legend