My Old Addiction

Jean Renoir

Born:  September 15, 1894, Paris.


1924:  Backbiters

1925:  Whirlpool of Fate

1926:  Nana

1927:  Marquitta

1928:  The Sad Sack, The Tournament

1929:  Le Bled

1931:  Baby’s Laxative, La Chienne

1932:  Night at the Crossroads, Boudu Saved From Drowning

1933:  Chotard and Company

1934:  Madame Bovary

1935:  Toni

1936:  The Crime of Monsieur Lange, The Lower DepthsLa Est A Nous

1937:  Grand Illusion

1938:  La Marseillaise, La Bete Humaine

1939:  The Rules of the Game

1941:  Swamp Water, The Story of Tosca

1943:  The Amazing Mrs. Holliday, This Land Is Mine

1945:  The Southerner (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1946:  Diary of a Chambermaid

1947:  The Woman on the Beach

1950:  The Ways of Love

1951:  The River

1952:  The Golden Coach

1955:  French Cancan

1956:  Elena and Her Men

1959:  Picnic On The Grass

1962:  The Elusive Corporal


Died:  February 12, 1979, Beverly Hills

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