Jean-Luc Godard

Born:  December 3, 1930, Paris, France.


1960:  Breathless

1961:  A Woman Is A Woman

1962:  Vivre Sa VieThe Seven Deadly Sins

1963:  Le Petit Soldat, The Caribineers, ContemptRo.Go.Pa.G.

1964:  Band Of Outsiders, Une Femme MarieeThe World’s Most Beautiful Swindlers

1965:  Alphaville, Pierrot Le FouSix In Paris

1966:  Masculin Feminin, Made In U.S.A.

1967:  Two or Three Things I Know About Her, La Chinoise, WeekendThe Oldest ProfessionFar From Vietnam

1968:  A Film Like Any OtherSympathy For The Devil, Cinetracts

1969:  Joy of LearningLove and Anger

1970:  Pravda, British Sounds, Wind From The East

1971:  1 P.M., Lotte In Italia, Vladimir Et Rosa

1972:  Tout Va BienLetter To Jane: An Investigation Atout A Still

1975:  Numero Deux

1976:  Here And Elsewhere, Comment Ca Va

1980:  Slow Motion

1981:  Sauve La Vie (Qui Peut)

1982:  Godard’s Passion

1983:  First Name: Carmen

1985:  Hail Mary, Detective, Soft and Hard

1987:  Aria, King Lear, Keep Your Right Up

1989:  Le Rapport Darty

1990:  Nouvelle Vague, Comment Vont Les Enfants

1991:  Germany Year 90 Nine Zero, The King of Ads, Lest We Forget

1993:  Oh Woe Is Me, Les Enfants Jouent A La Russie

1994:  JLG/JLG: Self-Portrait In December

1996:  For Ever Mozart

2000:  The Old Place

2001:  In Praise of Love

2002:  Ten Minutes Older: The Cello

2004:  Notre Musique, Moments Choisis Des Histoire(s) du Cinema

2006:  Vrai Faux Passport, Reportage Amateur Maquette Expo

2010:  Film Socialisme

2013:  3x3D

2014:  Goodbye To Language, Bridges of Sarajevo

2018:  The Image Book