Jack Conway

Born: July 17, 1887, Graceville, USA


1913: The Old Armchair

1915: The Penitentes

1916:  The Silent Battle, The Beckoning Trail, The Social Buccaneer, The Measure of a Man, The Mainspring, Judgment of the Guilty

1917: Her Soul’s Inspiration, Polly Redhead, A Jewel In Pawn, Come Through, The Little Orphan, The Charmer, Bond of Fear, Because of a Woman

1918:  Little Red Decides, Her Decision, You Can’t Believe Everything, Desert Law, A Diplomatic Mission

1919:  Lombardi Ltd.

1920:  Riders of the Dawn, The Dwelling Place of Light, The Money Changers, The U.P. Trail

1921:  The Killer, The Spenders, The Servant in the House, The Lure of the Orient, The Kiss, The Rage of Paris, The Millionaire, A Daughter of the Law

1922:  Across The Deadline, Step On It!, Don’t Shoot, The Long Chance, Another Man’s Shoes

1923:  The Prisoner, Quicksands, Trimmed In Scarlet, What Wives Want, Sawdust, Lucretia Lombard

1924:  The Trouble Shooter, The Heart Buster, The Rough Neck

1925:  The Hunted Woman, The Only Thing, Soul Mates

1926:  Brown of Harvard

1927:  The Understanding Heart, Twelve Miles Out

1928:  The Smart Set, Bringing Up Father, While The City Sleeps, Alias Jimmy Valentine

1929:  Our Modern Maidens, Untamed

1930:  They Learned About Women, The Unholy Three, New Moon

1931:  The Easiest Way, Just A Gigolo

1932:  Arsene Lupin, But The Flesh Is Weak, Red-Headed Woman

1933:  Hell Below, The Nuisance, The Solitaire Man

1934:  Viva Villa!, Tarzan and His Mate, Born To Be Bad, Stamboul Quest, The Girl From Missouri, The Gay Bride

1935:  One New York Night, A Tale of Two Cities

1936:  Libeled Lady

1937:  A Star Is Born, Saratoga

1938:  A Yank At Oxford, Too Hot To Handle

1939:  Let Freedom Ring, Lady of the Tropics

1940:  Northwest Passage, Boom Town

1941:  Love Crazy, Honky Tonk

1942:  Crossroads

1943:  Assignment In Brittany

1944:  Dragon Seed

1947:  High Barbaree, The Hucksters, Desire Me

1948:  Julia Misbehaves


Died: October 11, 1952, Pacific Palisades, California.