Irving Pichel

Born:  June 24, 1891, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


1932:  The Most Dangerous Game

1933:  Before Dawn

1935:  She

1936:  The Gentlemen From Louisiana, Beware of Ladies

1937:  Larceny on the Air, The Sheik Steps Out, The Call of the Ring

1939:  The Great Commandment

1940:  Earthbound, The Man I Married

1941:  Hudson’s Bay, Dance Hall

1942:  Secret Agent of Japan, The Pied Piper, The Light of Heart

1943:  The Moon Is Down, Happy Land

1944:  And Now Tomorrow

1945:  A Medal For Benny

1946:  Tomorrow Is Forever, Man of the Hour, The Bride Wore Boots, O.S.S., Temptation

1947:  They Won’t Believe Me, Something In The Wind

1948:  The Miracle of the Bells, Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid

1949:  Without Honor

1950:  The Great Rupert, Quicksand, Destination Moon

1951:  Santa Fe

1953:  Martin Luther

1954:  Day of Triumph


Died:  July 13, 1954, Hollywood, California.