Howard Hawks

Born:  May 30, 1896, Goshen, Indiana.


1926:  The Road To Glory, Fig Leaves

1927:  The Cradle Snatchers, Paid To Love

1928:  A Girl In Every Port, Fazil, The Air Circus

1929:  Trent’s Last Case

1930:  The Dawn Patrol

1931:  The Criminal Code

1932:  Scarface, The Crowd Roars, Tiger Shark, La Foule Hurle

1933:  Today We Live, The Prizefighter and the Lady

1934:  Viva Villa, Twentieth Century

1935:  Barbary Coast

1936:  Ceiling Zero, The Road To Glory, Come And Get It

1938:  Bringing Up Baby

1939:  Only Angels Have Wings

1940:  His Girl Friday

1941:  Sergeant York (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), Ball Of Fire

1943:  Air Force, The Outlaw, Corvette K-225

1944:  To Have and Have Not

1946:  The Big Sleep

1948:  Red River, A Song Is Born

1949:  I Was A Male War Bride

1951:  The Thing From Another World

1952:  The Big Sky, O. Henry’s Full House, Monkey Business

1953:  Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

1955:  Land of the Pharaohs

1959:  Rio Bravo

1962:  Hatari!

1964:  Man’s Favourite Sport

1965:  Red Line 7000

1967:  El Dorado

1970:  Rio Lobo


Died:  December 26, 1977, Palm Springs, California.