Henry Koster

Born:  May 1, 1905, Berlin, Germany


1932:  Thea Roland

1933:  Das Hassliche Madchen

1934:  Peter

1935:  Little Mother, The Cross-Patch, A Csunya Lany, Affairs of Maupassant, Affairs of Maupassant

1936:  Catherine The Last, Three Smart Girls

1937:  One Hundred Men And A Girl

1938:  The Rage of Paris

1939:  Three Smart Girls Grow Up, First Love

1940:  Spring Parade

1941:  It Started With Eve

1942:  Between Us Girls

1944:  Music For Millions

1946:  Two Sisters From Boston

1947:  The Unfinished Dance, The Bishop’s Wife (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1948:  The Luck of the Irish

1949:  Come To The Stable, The Inspector General

1950:  Wabash Avenue, My Blue Heaven, Harvey

1951:  No Highway In The Sky, Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell, Elopement

1952:  Marching Along, My Cousin RachelO. Henry’s Full House

1953:  The Robe

1954:  Desiree

1955:  A Man Called Peter, The Virgin Queen, Good Morning Miss Dove

1956:  D-Day The Sixth of June, The Power and the Prize

1957:  My Man Godfrey

1958:  Fraulein, The Naked Maja

1960:  The Story of Ruth

1961:  Flower Drum Song

1962:  Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation

1963:  Take Her She’s Mine, Marilyn

1965:  Dear Brigitte

1966:  The Singing Nun


Died:  September 21, 1988, Camarillo, California.