Henry Hathaway

Born:  March 13, 1898, Sacramento, California.


1930:  Behind The Make-Up

1932:  Heritage of the Desert, Wild Horse Mesa

1933:  The Thundering Herd, Under The Tonto Rim, Sunset Pass, Man of the Forest, To The Last Man

1934:  Come On Marines!, The Witching Hour, The Last Round-Up, Now and Forever

1935:  The Lives of a Bengal Lancer  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), Peter Ibbetson

1936:  The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, Go West Young Man, I Loved A Soldier

1937:  Souls At Sea

1938:  Spawn of the North

1939:  The Real Glory

1940:  Johnny Apollo, Brigham Young: Frontiersman

1941:  The Shepherd of the Hills, Sundown

1942:  Ten Gentlemen From West Point, China Girl

1944:  Home in Indiana, Wing and a Prayer

1945:  Nob Hill, The House on 92nd Street

1946:   13 Rue Madeleine, The Dark Corner

1947:  Kiss of Death

1948:  Call Northside 777

1949:  Down to the Sea In Ships

1950:  The Black Rose

1951:  You’re In The Navy Now, Fourteen Hours, Rawhide, Rommel Desert Fox

1952:  Diplomatic Courier, O. Henry’s Full House

1953:  Niagara, White Witch Doctor

1954:  Prince Valiant, Garden of Evil

1955:  Such Men Are Dangerous

1956:  Beyond The River, 23 Paces to Baker Street

1957:  Legend of the Lost

1958:  Manhunt

1959:  Woman Obsessed

1960:  Seven Thieves, North To Alaska

1962:  How The West Was Won

1964:  Of Human Bondage, The Magnificent Showman

1965:  The Sons of Katie Elder

1966:  Nevada Smith

1967:  The Last Safari

1968:  5 Card Stud

1969:  True Grit

1970:  Airport

1971:  Raid On Rommel, Shoot Out

1974:  Hangup


Died:  February 11, 1985, Hollywood, California.