My Old Addiction

George Stevens

Born:  December 18, 1904, Oakland, California.


1934:  Hollywood Party, Bachelor Bait, Triple Trouble

1935:  Laddie, The Nitwits, Alice Adams, Annie Oakley

1936:  Swing Time

1937:  Quality Street, A Damsel In Distress

1938:  Vivacious Lady

1939:  Gunga Din

1940:  Vigil In The Night

1941:  Penny Serenade

1942:  Woman of the Year, The Talk Of the Town

1943:  The More The Merrier  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1945:  Nazi Concentration and Prison Camps, The Nazi Plan

1946:  George Stevens World War II Footage

1948:  On Our Merry Way, I Remember Mama

1951:  A Place In The Sun  (Oscar Winner: Best Director; Oscar Nomination: Best Picture)

1952:  Something To Live For

1953:  Shane  (Oscar Nominations: Best Picture, Best Director)

1956:  Giant  (Oscar Winner: Best Director; Oscar Nomination: Best Picture)

1959:  The Diary of Anne Frank  (Oscar Nomination: Best Picture, Best Director)

1965:  The Greatest Story Ever Told

1970:  The Only Game In Town


Died:  March 8, 1975, Lancaster, California.

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