George Marshall

Born:  December 29, 1891, Chicago, Illinois.


1916:  Love’s Lariat

1917:  The Man From Montana

1919:  The Adventures of Ruth

1920:  Ruth of the Rockies, Prairie Trails

1921:  Why Trust Your Husband, Hands Off!, A Ridin’ Romeo, After Your Own Heart, The Lady from Longacre, The Jolt

1922:  Smiles Are Turnips

1923:  The Haunted Valley, Don Quickshot Of The Rio Grande, Where Is This West, Men In The Raw

1924:  The Back Trail

1932:  Pack Up Your Troubles

1934:  Ever Since Eve, Wild Gold, She Learned About Sailors, 365 Nights In Holywood

1935:  Life Begins At 40, $10 Raise, Music Is Magic, In Old Kentucky, Show Them No Mercy!

1936:  A Message To Garcia, The Crime of Dr. Forbes, Can This Be Dixie?

1937:  Nancy Steele Is Missing!, Love Under Fire

1938:  The Goldwyn Follies, Battle of Broadway, Hold That Co-ed

1939:  You Can’t Cheat An Honest Man, Destry Rides Again

1940:  The Ghost Breakers, When The Daltons Rode

1941:  Pot O’Gold, Texas

1942:  Valley of the Sun, The Forest Rangers, Star Spangled Rhythm

1943:  Riding High, True To Life

1944:  And the Angels Sing

1945:  Murder He Says, Incendiary Blonde, Hold The Blonde

1946:  The Blue Dahlia, Monsieur Beaucaire

1947:  The Perils of Pauline, Variety girl

1948:  Hazard, Tap Roots

1949:  Lust For Gold, My Friend Irma

1950:  Fancy Pants, Never A Dull Moment

1951:  A Millionaire For Christy

1952:  The Savage, Off Limits

1953:  Scared Stiff, Houdini, Money From Home

1954:  Red Garters, Duel In The Jungle, Destry

1955:  The Second Greatest Sex

1956:  Pillars of the Sky, Beyond Mombasa

1957:  The Guns of Fort Petticoat, The Sad Sack

1958:  The Sheepman, Imitation General

1959:  The Mating Game, It Started With A Kiss, The Gazebo

1961:  Cry For Happy, The Happy Thieves

1962:  How The West Was Won

1963:  Papa’s Delicate Condition

1964:  Dark Purpose, Advance To The Rear

1966:  Boy Did I Get A Wrong Number

1967:  Eight on the Lam

1968:  The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz

1969:  Hook Line and Sinker


Died:  February 17, 1975, Los Angeles, California.