Fred Zinnemann

Born:  April 29, 1907, Rzeszow, Austria-Hungary

Died:  March 14, 1997, London, England


1930:  People On Sunday

1936:  Redes

1942:  Kid Glove Killer, Eyes In the Night

1944:  The Seventh Cross

1945:  The Clock

1947:  My Brother Talks To Horses, Little Mister Jim

1948:  The Search

1949:  Act of Violence

1950:  The Men

1951:  Teresa

1952:  High NoonThe Member of the Wedding

1953:  From Here To Eternity

1955:  Oklahoma!

1957:  A Hatful of Rain

1958:   The Old Man and the Sea

1959:  The Nun’s Story

1960:  The Sundowners

1964:  Behold A Pale Horse

1966:  A Man For All Seasons

1973:  The Day Of the Jackal

1977:  Julia

1982:  Five Days One Summer


Academy Awards:  Best Documentary Short, Benjy (1951); Best Director, From Here To Eternity (1953); Best Picture, A Man For All Seasons (1966); Best Director, A Man For All Seasons (1966)
Nominations:  Best Director, The Search (1948); High Noon (1952); The Nun’s Story (1959); Best Picture, The Sundowners (1960); Best Director, The Sundowners (1960); Julia (1977)

Berlin Film Festival Award:  Berlinale Camera (1986)

Cannes Film Festival Award Nominations:  In Competition, Act of Violence (1948); From Here To Eternity (1953)

Golden Globe Awards:  Best Director, From Here To Eternity (1953); A Man For All Seasons (1966)
Nominations:  Best Director, A Hatful of Rain (1957); The Nun’s Story (1959); The Sundowners (1960); The Day Of the Jackal (1973); Julia (1977)

Venice Film Festival Award Nominations:  In Competition, The Search (1948); Teresa (1951); A Hatful of Rain (1957)