Edward Dmytryk

Born:  September 4, 1908, Grand Forks, British Columbia.


1935:  The Hawk

1939:  Million Dollar Legs, Television Spy

1940:  Emergency Squad, Golden Gloves, Mystery Sea Raider, Her First Romance

1941:  The Devil Commands, Under Age, Broadway Ahead, Hot Pearls, Secrets of the Lone Wolf, Confessions of Boston Blackie

1942:  Counter-Espionage, Seven Miles From Alcatraz

1943:  Hitler’s Children, The Falcon Strikes Back, Captive Wild Woman, Behind The Rising Sun, Tender Comrade

1944:  Farewell My Lovely

1945:  Back To Bataan, Cornered

1946:  Till The End of Time

1947:  So Well Remembered, Crossfire  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1949:  Obsession, Give Us This Day

1952:  Mutiny, The Sniper, Eight Iron Men

1953:  The Juggler

1954:  The Caine Mutiny, Broken Lance

1955:  The End of the Affair, Soldier Of Fortune, The Left Hand of God

1956:  The Mountain

1957:  Raintree County

1958:  The Young Lions

1959:  Warlock, The Blue Angel

1962:  Walk On the Wild Wide, Joseph Desa

1964:  The Carpetbaggers, Where Love Has Gone

1965:  Mirage

1966: Alvarez Kelly

1968:  The Battle For Anzio, Shalako

1972:  Bluebeard

1975:  He Is My Brother, The ‘Human’ Factor


Died:  July 1, 1999, Encino, California.