Edmund Goulding

Born:  March 29, 1891, Feltham, England.


1925:  Sun-Up, Sally Irene and Mary

1926:  Paris

1927:  Women Love Diamonds, Anna Karenina

1928:  A Certain Young Man

1929:  Queen Kelly, The Trespasser

1930:  Paramount On Parade, The Devil’s Holiday, Hell’s Angels, Galas de la Paramount, Reaching For The Moon

1931:  Night Angel

1932:  Grand Hotel, Blondie of the Follies

1934:  Riptide, Hollywood Party

1935:  The Flame Within, A Night At The Opera

1937:  That Certain Woman

1938:  White Banners, The Dawn Patrol

1939:  Dark Victory, The Old Maid, We Are Not Alone

1940:  ‘Til We Meet Again

1941:  The Great Lie

1943:  Forever And A Day, Claudia, The Constant Nymph

1946:  Of Human Bondage, The Razor’s Edge

1947:  The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, Nightmare Alley

1949:  Everybody Does It

1950:  Mister 880

1952:  We’re Not Married

1953:  Down Among the Sheltering Palms

1956:  Teenage Rebel

1958:  Mardi Gras


Died:  December 24, 1959, Los Angeles, California.