Douglas Sirk

Born:  April 26, 1897, Hamburg, Germany

Died:  January 14, 1987, Lugano, Switzerland


1935:  April April!, The Girl From The Marsh Croft, Pillars of Society

1936:  ‘T Was Een April, Final Accord, Das Hofkonzert

1937:  La Chanson du Souvenir, To New Shores, La Habanera

1938:  Accord Final

1939:  Boefje

1943:  Hitler’s Madman

1944:  Summer Storm

1946:  A Scandal In Paris, The Strange Woman

1947:  Lured

1948:  Sleep My Love

1949:  Shockproof, Slightly French

1950:  Mystery Submarine

1951:  The First Legion, Thunder On The Hill, The Lady Pays Off, Week-End With Father

1952:  No Room For The Groom, Has Anybody Seen My Gal

1953:  Meet Me At The Fair, Take Me To Town, All I Desire

1954:  Taza Son of Cochise, Magnificent Obsession, Sign of the Pagan

1955:  Captain Lightfoot, There’s Always Tomorrow, All That Heaven Allows

1956:  Never Say Goodbye, Written On The Wind

1957:  Battle Hymn, Interlude, The Tarnished Angels

1958:  A Time To Love And A Time To Die

1959:  Imitation Of Life


Berlin Film Festival Nomination:  In Competition, A Time to Love and a Time To Die (1958)

Cannes Film Festival Nomination:  In Competition, Boefje (1939)

Venice Film Festival Award:  Best Musical Film, The Final Chord (1936)
Nomination:  In Competition, To New Shores (1937)