David Lean

Born:  March 25, 1908, Croydon, England.


1941:  Major Barbara

1942:  In Which We Serve

1944:  This Happy Breed

1945:  Blithe Spirit, Brief Encounter (Oscar Nomination: Best Director, Best Screenplay)

1946:  Great Expectations (Oscar Nomination: Best Director, Best Screenplay)

1948:  Oliver Twist

1949:  The Passionate Friends

1950:  Madeleine

1952:  Breaking The Sound Barrier

1954:  Hobson’s Choice

1955:  Summertime (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1957:  The Bridge on the River Kwai  (Oscar Winner: Best Director)

1962:  Lawrence of Arabia (Oscar Winner: Best Director)

1965:  The Greatest Story Ever Told, Doctor Zhivago (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1970:  Ryan’s Daughter

1984:  A Passage To India  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Film Editing)


Died:  April 16, 1991, London, England.