David Butler

Born:  December 17, 1894, San Francisco, California


1927:  High School Hero

1928:  News Parade, Win That Girl, Prep and Pep

1929:  Masked Emotions, Fox Movietone Follies of 1929, Chasing Through Europe, Salute, Sunnyside Up

1930:  High Society Blues, Just Imagine

1931:  A Connecticut Yankee, Delicious

1932:  Business and Pleasure, Down to Earth, Handle With Care

1933:  Hold Me Tight, My Weakness

1934:  Bottoms Up, Handy Andy, Have a Heart, Bright Eyes

1935:  The Little Colonel, Doubting Thomas, The Littlest Rebel

1936:  Captain January, White Fang, Pigskin Parade

1937:  Ali Baba Goes To Town, You’re A Sweetheart

1938:  Kentucky Moonshine, Straight Place and Show, Kentucky

1939:  East Side of Heaven, That’s Right You’re Wrong

1940:  If I Had My Way ,You’ll Find Out

1941:  Caught In The Draft, Playtimes

1942:  Road To Morocco

1943:  They Got Me Covered, Thank Your Lucky Stars

1944:  Shine on Harvest Moon, The Princess and the Pirate

1945:  San Antonio

1946:  Two Guys From Milwaukee, The Time The Place and the Girl

1947:  My Wild Irish Rose

1948:  Two Guys From Texas

1949:  John Loves Mary, Look For The Silver Lining, It’s A Great Feeling, The Story of Seabiscuit

1950:  The Daughter of Rosie O’Grady, Tea For Two

1951:  Lullaby of Broadway, Painting The Clouds With Sunshine

1952:  Where’s Charley?, April In Paris

1953:  By The Light of the Silvery Moon, Calamity Jane

1954:  The Command, King Richard and the Crusaders

1955:  Jump Into Hell

1956:  Glory, The Girl He Left Behind

1961:  The Right Approach

1967:  C’Mon Let’s Live A Little


Died:  June 14, 1979, Arcadia, California.