Claude Lelouch

Born:  October 30, 1937, Paris, France


1961:  Le Proper de L’homme

1964:  Night Women, In The Affirmative

1965:  The Decadent Influence, Les Grands Moments, Jean-Paul Belmondo

1966:  A Man and a Woman

1967:  Far From Vietnam, Live For Life

1968:  13 Days In France

1969:  Life Love Death, Love Is A Funny Thing

1970:  The Crook

1971:  Smic Smac Smoc

1972:  L’Aventure C’est L’Aventure

1973:  Happy New Year, Visions of Eight

1974:  And Now My Love, Marriage

1975:  Cat and Mouse

1976:  The Good and the Bad, Second Chance

1977:  Another Man Another Chance

1978:  Robert Et Robert

1979:  Us Two

1981:  Bolero

1983:  Edith and Marcel

1984:  Long Live Life

1985:  Partir Revenir

1986:  A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later

1986:  Attentions Bandits

1988:  Itineraire d’un Enfant Gate

1990:  There Were Days And Moons

1991:  The King of Ads

1992:  La Belle Histoire

1993:  Tout Ca Pour Ca

1995:  Les MiserablesLumiere and Company

1996:  Hommes Femmes Mode d’Emploi

1998:  Chance or Coincidence

1999:  Une Pour Toutes

2002:  And Now Ladies And Gentlemen, September 11

2004:  Le Genre Humain 1ere Partie: Les Parisiens

2005:  Le Courage d’aimer

2007:  To Each His Own Cinema, Roman de Gare

2010:  What War May Bring

2011:  D’Un Film A L’Autre

2014:  Salaud On t’Aime

2015:  Un + Une

2017:  Everyone’s Life

2019:  The Best Years of a Life, La Vertu des Imponderables


Academy Award:  Best Original Story and Screenplay, A Man and a Woman (1966)
Nominations:  Best Director, A Man and a Woman (1966); Best Screenplay, And Now My Love (1975)

Berlin Film Festival Nominations:  In Competition, Love In The Affirmative (1964); 13 Days In France (1968)

Cannes Film Festival Award:  Palme D’Or, A Man and a Woman (1966) (tie)
Nomination:  In Competition, Bolero (1981)

Golden Globe Award Nomination:  Best Director, A Man and a Woman (1966)

Venice Film Festival Nominations:  In Competition, There Days and Moons (1990: Hommes Femmes Mode D’Emploi (1996)


Photo by Joost Evers / Anefo