My Old Addiction

Claude Chabrol

Born:  June 24, 1930, Paris, France.


1958:  Le Beau Serge

1959:  Les Cousins, Leda

1960:  Les Bonnes Femmes

1961:  Wise Guys

1962:  The Seven Deadly Sins, The Third Lover

1963:  Bluebeard, Ophelia

1964:  The World’s Most Beautiful Swindlers, Code Name: Tiger

1965:  Six In Paris, Blue Panther, Le Tigre Se Parfume a la Dynamite

1966:  Line of Demarcation

1967:  The Champagne Murders, Who’s Got the Black Box

1968:  Les Biches

1969:  The Unfaithful Wife, This Man Must Die

1970:  Le Boucher, The Breach, Les Novices

1971:  Just Before Nightfall, Ten Days Wonder

1972:  Scoundrel In White

1973:  Red Wedding

1974:  The Nada Gang

1975:  Pleasure Party, Dirty Hands

1976:  Death Rite, The Twist

1977:  Alice or The Last Escapade

1978:  Les Liens de Sang, Violette

1980:  The Proud Ones

1982:  The Hatter’s Ghost

1984:  The Blood of Others

1985:  Poulet Au Vinaigre

1986:  Inspecteur Lavardin

1987:  Masques, The Cry of the Owl

1988:  The Story of Women

1990:  Jours Tranquilles a Clichy, Dr. M

1991:  Madame Bovary, The King of Ads

1992:  Betty

1993:  L’Oeil de Vichy

1994:  L’Enfer

1995:  La Ceremonie

1997:  The Swindle

1999:  The Color of Lies

2000:  Nightcap

2003:  The Flower of Evil

2004:  The Bridesmaid

2006:  Comedy of Power

2007:  A Girl Cut In Two

2009:  Inspector Bellamy


Died:  September 12, 2010, Paris, France.

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