Charles Vidor

Born:  July 27, 1900, Budapest, Hungary.

Died:  June 4, 1959, Vienna, Austria


1932:  The Mask of Fu Manchu

1933:  Sensation Hunters

1934:  Double Door

1935:  Double Door, Strangers All, The Arizonian, His Family Tree

1936:  Muss ‘Em Up

1937:  A Doctor’s Diary, The Great Gambini, She’s No Lady

1939:  Romance of the Redwoods, Blind Alley, Those High Grey Walls

1940:  My Son My Son, The Lady In Question

1941:  They Dare Not Love, Ladies In Retirement, New York Town

1942:  The Tuttles of Tahiti

1943:  The Desperadoes

1944:  Cover Girl, Together Again

1945:  A Song To Remember, Over 21

1946:  Gilda

1948:  The Loves of Carmen

1951:  It’s A Big Country: An American Anthology, Thunder In The East

1952:  Hans Christian Andersen

1954:  Rhapsody

1955:  Love Me Or Leave Me

1956:  The Swan

1957:  The Joker Is Wild, A Farewell To Arms

1960:  Song Without End


Cannes Film Festival Nomination:  In Competition, Gilda (1946)