Charles Chaplin

Born:  April 16, 1889, Walworth, England.


1918:  Chase Me Charlie, Shoulder Arms

1921:  The Kid

1923:  The Pilgrim, A Woman Of Paris: A Drama of Fate

1925:  The Gold Rush

1928:  The Circus

1931:  City Lights

1936:  Modern Times

1938:  Charlie Chaplin Carnival

1940:  The Great Dictator  (Oscar Nominations:  Best Actor, Best Screenplay)

1941:  The Charlie Chaplin Festival, The Chaplin Cavalcade

1947:  Monsieur Verdoux  (Oscar Nomination: Best Screenplay)

1952:  Limelight  (Oscar Winner: Best Score)

1957:  A King In New York

1959:  The Chaplin Revue

1967:  A Countess From Hong Kong


Died:  December 25, 1977, Vevey, Switzerland.