Carol Reed

Born:  December 30, 1906, Putney, England

Died:  April 25, 1976, Chelsea, England


1935:  It Happened In Paris, Midshipman Easy

1936:  Laburnum Grove, Talk of the Devil

1937:  Who’s Your Lady Friend?

1938:  Bank Holiday, Penny Paradise, Climbing High

1939:  A Girl Must Live

1940:  The Stars Look Down, Girl In The News, Night Train To Munich

1941:  Kipps

1942:  The Young Mr. Pitt

1944:  The Way Ahead

1945:  The True Glory

1947:  Odd Man Out

1948:  The Fallen Idol

1949:  The Third Man

1951:  Outcast Of the Islands

1953:  The Man Between

1955:  A Kid For Two Farthings

1956:  Trapeze

1958:  The Key

1959:  Our Man Is Havana

1962:  Mutiny On the Bounty

1963:  The Running Man

1965:  The Agony And the Ecstasy

1968:  Oliver!

1970:  The Last Warrior

1972:  Follow Me!


Academy Award:  Best Director, Oliver! (1968)
Nominations:  Best Director, The Fallen Idol (1949); The Third Man (1950)

Berlin Film Festival Award:  Bronze Bear, Trapeze (1956)

Cannes Film Festival Award:  Grand Prize of the Festival, The Third Man (1949)
Nomination:  In Competition, A Kid For Two Farthings (1955)

Golden Globe Award Nomination:  Best Director, Oliver! (1968)

Venice Film Festival Nominations:  In Competition, Odd Man Out (1947); The Fallen Idol (1948)