My Old Addiction

Bruce La Bruce

Born:  January 3, 1964, Southampton, Ontario.


1987:  I Know What It’s Like To Be Dead

1988:  Home Movies

1991:  No Skin Off My Ass

1992:  Slam!, The Post Queer Tour, A Case For The Closet

1994:  Super 8 1/2

1996:  Hustler White

1999:  Skin Gang

2000:  Come As You Are

2004:  The Raspberry Reich

2008:  Otto Or Up With Dead People

2010:  L.A. Zombie

2011:  Fucking Different XXX

2013:  Gerontophilia

2014:  Pierrot Lunaire

2017:  Ulrike’s Brain, The Misandrists

2018:  It Is Not The Pornographer That Is Perverse…

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