My Old Addiction

Bruce Beresford

Born:  August 16, 1940, Sydney, Australia.


1972:  The Adventures of Barry McKenzie

1974:  Barry McKenzie Holds His Own

1975:  Side By Side

1976:  Don’s Party

1977:  The Getting of Wisdom

1978:  Money Movers, Blue Fin

1980:  Breaker Morant  (Oscar Nomination: Best Screenplay)

1981:  Puberty Blues

1983:  Tender Mercies (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1985:  King David

1986:  The Fringe Dwellers, Crimes of the Heart

1987:  Aria

1989:  Her Alibi, Driving Miss Daisy

1990:  Mister Johnson

1991:  Black Robe

1992:  Rich In Love

1994:  A Good Man In Africa, Silent Fall

1996:  Last Dance

1997:  Paradise Road

1999:  Sydney: A Story of a City, Double Jeopardy

2001:  Bride of the Wind

2002:  Evelyn

2006:  The Contract

2009:  Mao’s Last Dancer

2011:  Peace Love & Misunderstanding

2016:  Mr. Church

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