Bernardo Bertolucci

Born:  March 16, 1941, Parma, Italy


1962:  La Commare Secca

1964:  Before The Revolution

1968:  Partner

1969:  Love and Anger

1970:  The Conformist, The Spider’s Stratagem

1972:  Last Tango In Paris

1976:  1900

1979:  Luna

1981:  The Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man

1984:  L’Addio A Enrico Berlinguer

1987:  The Last Emperor

1989:  12 Registi Per 12 Citta

1990:  The Sheltering Sky

1993:  Little Buddha

1996:  Stealing Beauty

1998:  Besieged

2003:  The Dreamers

2012:  Me and You

2013:  Venice 70: Future Reloaded


Academy Awards:  Best Director, The Last Emperor (1987); Best Screenplay, The Last Emperor (1987)
Nominations:  Best Screenplay, The Conformist (1971); Best Director, Last Tango In Paris (1973)

Berlin Film Festival Nominations:  In Competition, Love And Anger (1969); The Conformist  (1970)

Cannes Film Festival Award:  Honorary Golden Palm (2011)
Nominations:  In Competion, The Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man (1981); Stealing Beauty (1996)

European Film Awards:  Special Jury Prize, The Last Emperor (1987); Lifetime Achievement Award (2012)
Nomination:  Best European Director, The Dreamers (2004)

Golden Globe Awards:  Best Director, The Last Emperor(1987); Best Screenplay, The Last Emperor(1987)
Nominations:  Best Director, Last Tango In Paris (1973);  The Sheltering Sky (1990)

Venice Film Festival Award:  Career Golden Lion (2007)
Nomination:  In Competition, Partner (1968)


Photo by Laurentius87