Basil Dearden

Born:  January 1, 1911, Westcliffe-On-Sea, England

Died:  March 23, 1971, Brentford, England


1942:  Black Sheep of Whitehall, The Goose Steps Out

1943:  The Bells Go Down, My Learned Friend

1944:  The Halfway House, They Came to A City

1945:  Dead of Night

1946:  The Captive Heart

1947:  Frieda

1948:  Saraband

1949:  Train of Events

1950:  The Blue Lamp, Cage of Gold

1951:  Pool of London

1952:  I Believe In You, The Gentle Gunman

1953:  The Square Ring

1954:  The Rainbow Jacket

1955:  Out of the Clouds, PT Raiders

1956:  Who Done It?, The Green Man

1957:  Big Time Operators

1958:  Violent Playground, Nowhere To Go

1959:  Sapphire

1960:  The League of Gentlemen, Man In The Moon

1961:  The Secret Partner, Victim

1962:  All Night Long, Walk In The Shadow

1963:  The Mind Benders, A Place To Go

1964:  Woman of Straw

1965:  Masquerade

1966:  Khartoum

1968:  Only When I Larf

1969:  The Assassination Bureau

1970:  The Man Who Haunted Himself

1974:  Mission: Monte Carlo


Cannes Film Festival Award:  Grand Prize, The Captive Heart (1946)

Venice Film Festival Award Nominations:  In Competition, Frieda (1947); The Blue Lamp (1950); Victim (1961)