Archie Mayo

Born:  January 29, 1891, New York City, New York

Died:  December 4, 1968, Guadalajara, Mexico


1923:  All Over Twist

1926:  Money Talks, Christine of the Big Tops, Unknown Treasures

1927:  Johnny Get Your Hair Cut, Quarantined Rivals, Dearie, Slightly Used, The College Widow

1928:  Beware of Married Men, The Crimson City, State Street Sadie, On Trial, My Man

1929:  Sonny Boy, Is Everybody Happy?, The Sap, The Sacred Flame

1930:  Wide Open, Vengeance, Courage, Oh Sailor Behave, The Doorway To Hell

1931:  Illicit, Svengali, Bought, Under Eighteen

1932:  The Expert, Street of Women, Two Against the World, Night After Night

1933:  The Life of Jimmy Dolan, The Mayor of Hell, Ever in My Heart, Convention City

1934:  Gambling Lady, The Man With Two Faces, Desirable

1935:  Bordertown, Go Into Your Dance, The Case of the Lucky Legs

1936:  The Petrified Forest, I Married A Doctor, Give Me Your Heart

1937:  Black Legion, Call It A Day, It’s Love I’m After

1938:  The Adventures of Marco Polo, Youth Takes a Fling

1939:  They Shall Have Music

1940:  The House Across The Bay, Four Sons

1941:  The Great American Broadcast, Charley’s Aunt, Confirm or Deny

1942:  Moontide, Orchestra Wives

1943:  Crash Dive

1944:  Sweet and Low-down

1946:  A Night In Casablanca, Angel On My Shoulder