Anatole Litvak

769210_oriBorn:  May 10, 1902, Kiev, Russian Empire (now Ukraine)


1930:  Dolly Macht Karriere

1931: Nie Wieder Liebe!, Calais-Douvres

1932:  Lilac, The Song of Night, Tell Me Tonight

1933:  La Chanson d’une Nuit, Sleeping Car, Cette Vieille Canaille

1935:  Flight Into Darkness

1936:  Mayerling

1937:  The Woman Between, Tovarich

1938:  The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, The Sisters

1939:  Confessions of a Nazi Spy

1940:  Years Without Days, All This And Heaven Too, City For Conquest

1941:  Out of The Fog, Blues In The Night

1942:  This Above All, Prelude To War

1943:  Divide and Conquer, The Battle of Russia

1944:  The Battle of China

1945:  War Comes To America

1947:  The Long Night

1948:  Sorry Wrong Number, The Snake Pit (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1951:  Decision Before Dawn  (Oscar Nomination: Best Picture)

1953:  Act of Love

1955:  The Deep Blue Sea

1956:  Anastasia

1959:  The Journey

1961:  Goodbye Again

1962:  Five Miles To Midnight

1967:  The Night of the Generals

1970:  The Lady in the Car With Glasses and A Gun


Died:  December 15, 1974, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France