Amos Gitai

Born:  October 11, 1950, Haifa, Israel.


1979:  Cultural Celebrities

1980:  In Search of Identity, House

1981:  American Mythologies

1982:  Field Diary

1984:  Regan: Image For Sale, Bankok Bahrain, Ananas

1986:  Esther

1988:  Brand New Day

1989:  Berlin Jerusalem

1991:  Naissance d’un Golem

1992:  Wadi 1981-1991, Gibellina Metamorphosis Of A Melody

1993:  Golem Le Jardin Petrifie

1994:  The Neo-Fascist Trilogy: I. In The Valley of the Wupper, The Neo-Fascist Trilogy: III. Queen Mary, The Neo-Fascist Trilogy II. In The Name of the Duce, Te’atron Hahaim

1995:  Things

1996:  The Arena of Murder, Metamorphosis of a Melody

1997:  War and Peace in Vesoul

1998:  Yom Yom, Tapuz, A House in Jerusalem

1999:  Kadosh, Zion Auto Emancipation

2000:  Kippur

2001:  Eden

2002:  Kedma, September 11, Moments Israel 2002

2003:  Alila

2004:  Promised Land, Welcome To Sao Paolo

2005:  Free Zone

2006:  Home News From House

2007:  To Each His Own Cinema, Disengagement

2008:  One Day You’ll Understand

2009:  Carmel, La Guerra des Fils de la Lumiere contre les Fils des Tenebres

2010:  Roses A Credit

2012:  Lullaby To My Father

2013:  Venice 70: Future Reloaded, Ana Arabia

2014:  Tsili, Words with Gods

2015:  Rabin The Last Day

2017:  West of the Jordan River