Alfred E. Green

Born:  July 11, 1889, Perris, California.


1917:  Little Lost Sister, The Lad and the Lion

1919:  The Web Of Chance

1920:  Blind Youth, A Double-Dyed Deceiver, The Man Who Had Everything, Just Out of College, Silk Husbands and Calico Wives

1921:  Through A Back Door, Little Lord Fauntleroy

1922:  Come On Over, The Bachelor Daddy, Our Leading Citizen, The Ghost Breaker, The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, Back Home and Broke

1923:  The Ne’er-Do-Well, Woman-Proof

1924:  Pied Piper Malone, In Hollywood With Potash and Perlmutter, Inez From Hollywood

1925:  Sally, The Talker, The Man Who Found Himself

1926:  Irene, The Girl From Montmartre, Ella Cinders, It Must Be Love, Ladies At Play

1927:  The Auctioneer, Is Zat So, Two Girls Wanted, Come To My House

1928:  Honor Bound

1929:  Making The Grade, Disraeli

1930:  The Green Goddess, The Man From Blankley’s, Sweet Kitty Bellairs, Old English

1931:  Men of the Sky, Smart Money, The Road To Singapore

1932:  Union Depot, It’s Tough To Be Famous, The Rich Are Always With Us, The Dark Horse, Silver Dollar

1933:  Parachute Jumper, Grand Slam, Central Airport, The Narrow Corner, Baby Face, I Loved a Woman

1934:  Dark Hazard, As The Earth Turns, The Merry Frinks, Side Streets, Housewife, A Lost Lady, Gentlemen Are Born

1935:  Sweet Music, The Girl From 10th Avenue, Here’s To Romance, The Goose and the Gander, Dangerous

1936:  Colleen, The Golden Arrow, They Met In A Taxi, Two In A Crowd, More Than A Secretary

1937:  Let’s Get Married, The League of Frightened Men, Mr. Dodd Takes the Air, Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry

1938:  Ride A Crooked Mile, The Duke of West Point

1939:  Kign of the Turf, The Gracie Allen Murder Case, 20 000 Men A Year

1940:  Shooting High, South of Pago Pago, Flowing Gold, East of the River

1941:  Adventure In Washington, Badlands of Dakota

1942:  Meet the Stewarts, The Mayor of 44th Street

1943:  Appointment In Berlin, There’s Something About A Soldier

1944:  Mr. Winkle Goes to War, Strange Affair

1945:  A Thousand and One Nights

1946:  Tars and Spars, The Jolson Story

1947:  The Fabulous Dorseys, Copacabana

1948:  Four Faces West, The Girl From Manhattan

1949:  CoverUp

1950:  Sierra, The Jackie Robinson Story

1951:  Two Gals and a Guy

1952:  Invasion USA

1953:  Paris Model, The Eddie Cantor Story

1954:  Top Banana


Died:  September 4, 1960, Hollywood, California.