My Old Addiction

Akira Kurosawa

Born:  March 23, 1910, Tokyo, Japan.


1941:  Uma

1943:  Sanshiro Sugata

1944:  The Most Beautiful

1945:  Sanshiro Sugata Part Two, The Men Who Tread on the Tiger’s Tail

1946:  Those Who Make Tomorrow, No Regrets For Our Youth

1947:  One Wonderful Sunday

1948:  Drunken Angel

1949:  The Silent Duel, Stray Dog

1950:  Scandal, Rashomon

1951:  The Idiot

1952:  Ikiru

1954:  Seven Samurai

1955:  I Live In Fear

1957:  Throne Of Blood, The Lower Depths

1958:  The Hidden Fortress

1960:  The Bad Sleep Well

1961:  Yojimbo

1962:  Sanjuro

1963:  High and Low

1965:  Red Beard

1970:  Dodes’ka-den  (Oscar Nomination: Best Foreign Language Film)

1975:  Dersu Uzala  (Oscar Winner: Best Foreign Language Film)

1980:  Kagemusha  (Oscar Nomination:  Best Foreign Language Film)

1985:  Ran  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director)

1990:  Dreams

1991:  Rhapsody In August

1993:  Maadadayo


Died:  September 6, 1998, Setagaya, Japan.

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