Aki Kaurismaki

lehavrephotocall64thannualcannesfilmy2yyphgdwo2lBorn:  April 4, 1957, Orimattila, Finland.


1981:  The Saimaa Gesture

1983:  Crime And Punishment

1985:  Calamari Union

1986:  Shadows in Paradise

1987:  Hamlet Goes Business

1988:  Ariel

1989:  Leningrad Cowboys Go America

1990:  The Match Factory Girl, I Hired a Contract Killer

1992:  La Vie De Boheme

1994:  Take Care of Your Scarf Tatiana, Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses, Total Balalaika Show

1996:  Drifting Clouds

1999:  Juha

2002:  The Man Without A Past   (Oscar Nomination: Best Foreign Language Film), Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet

2004:  Visions of Europe

2006:  Lights in the Dusk

2007:  To Each His Own Cinema

2011:  Le Havre

2012:  Centro Historico

2017:  The Other Side of Hope