Walter Plunkett

Born:  June 5, 1902, Oakland, California

Died:  March 8, 1982, Santa Monica, California


1926:  One Minute To Play, Red Hot Hoofs, A Regular Scout

1927:  Lightning Lariats, Ain’t Love Funny, The Magic Garden, The Gingham Girl, Hard-Boiled Haggerty, Clancy’s Kosher Wedding, Shanghaied, Legionnaires In Paris, The Boy Rider, The Bandit’s Son

1928:  Coney Island, Wizard of the Saddle, Her Summer Hero, Wallflowers, When the Law Rides, Chicago After Midnight, Phantom of the Range, Sally of the Scandals, Hit of the Show, The Bantam Cowboy, Captain Careless, Gang War, Dog Law, Stocks and Blondes, Son of the Golden West, The circus Kid, Sally’s Shoulders, Sinners In Love, Stolen Love, Headin’ For Danger, Tropic Madness, Hey Rube, 

1929:  The Jazz Age, The Air Legion, The Voice of the Storm, Outlawed, Love In The Desert, Hardboiled, Come and Get It, The Red Sword, Syncopation, Gun Law, The Freckled Rascal, The Amazing Vagabond, The Woman I Love, The Big Diamond Robbery, The Little Savage, Laughing At Death, The Pride of Pawnee, Rio Rita, The Very Idea, The Delightful Rogue, Half Marriage, Night Parade, Tanned Legs, The Vagabond Lover, Dance Hall, Seven Keys To Baldpate

1930:  Second Wife, The Case of Sergeant Grischa, Lovin’ The Ladies, Midnight Mystery, The Fall Guy, Dixiana, Lawful Larceny

1932:  The Most Dangerous Game, The Phantom of Crestwood, Night After Night, Secrets of the French Police, The Animal Kingdom

1933:  No Other Woman, The Past of Mary Holmes, Lucky Devils, The Great Jasper, King Kong, Christopher Strong, Scarlet River, Sweepings, The Silver Cord, Emergency Call, Cross Fire, Tomorrow At Seven, Professional Sweetheart, Melody Cruise, Flying Devils, Double Harness, No Marriage Ties, Morning Glory, Blind Adventure, One Man’s Journey, Midshipman Jack, Ann Vickers, Aggie Appleby Maker of Men, Ace of Aces, Chance At Heaven, Little Women, The Right To Romance, Son of Kong, Flying Down To Rio

1934:  The Meanest Gal In Town, Man of Two Worlds, Long Lost Father, Hips Hips Hooray, Keep Em Rolling, Spitfire, The Crime Doctor, Success At Any Price, This Man Is Mine, Where Sinners Meet, Sing and Like It, Finishing School, Strictly Dynamite, Stingaree, The LIfe of Vergie Winters, Murder On the Blackboard, Let’s Try Again, Of Human Bondage, Cockeyed Cavaliers, We’re Rich Again, His Greatest Gamble, Bachelor Bait, Hat Coat and Glove, Their Big Moment, The Fountain, Down To Their Last Yacht, The Age of Innocence, The Richest Girl In The World, Dangerous Corner, The Gay Divorcee, Wednesday’s Child, Gridiron Flash, Kentucky Kernels, Woman In The Dark, By Your Leave, Anne of Green Gables, Lighting Strikes Twice, The Silver Streak, West Of the Pecos, The Little Minister

1935:  Romance In Manhattan, Grand Old Girl, Enchanted April, Murder on a Honeymoon, Captain Hurricane, Laddie, A Dog of Flanders, Strangers All, Chasing Yesterday, The Informer, Hooray For Love, Village Tale, The Arizonian, Jalna, Alice Adams, Hot Tip, The Return of Peter Grimm, Freckles, His Family Tree, The Three Musketeers, Hi Gaucho, The Rainmakers, Annie Oakley, Another Face, To Beat the Band

1936:  Chatterbox, Mary Of Scotland, A Woman Rebels, The Plough And the Stars

1937:  Quality Street, The Soldier and the Lady, The Woman I Love, Nothing Sacred

1938:  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

1939:  The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, Allegheny Uprising, Stagecoach, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Gone With the Wind

1940:  Abe Lincoln In Illinois, Captain Caution, Vigil In The Night

1941:  Sundown, Ladies In Retirement, Lydia, Go West Young Lady, The Corsican Brothers

1942:  A Gentleman After Dark, Lady For A Night, Commandos Strike At Dawn

1943:  Forever And A Day, The Heat’s On, In Old Oklahoma

1944:  Knickerbocker Holiday, Can’t Help Singing

1945:  A Song To Remember, Along Came Jones

1946:  Duel In The Sun

1947:  The Sea of Grass, My Brother Talks To Horses, Song of Love, Green Dolphin Street

1948:  Summer Holiday, The Three Musketeers, The Kissing Bandit

1949:  Madame Bovary, Adam’s Rib, Little Women, The Secret Garden, That Forsyte Woman

1950:  Father of the Bride, The Miniver Story, Ambush, The Outriders, Stars In My Crown, Black Hand, Annie Get Your Gun, The Happy Years, Devil’s Doorway, The Toast of New Orleans, Summer Stock, King Solomon’s Mines, Two Weeks With Love, The Magnificent Yankee

1951:  Payment On Demand, Vengeance Valley, Mr. Imperium, Soldiers Three, Kind Lady, Show Boat, The Law and the Lady, Across the Wide Missouri, The Man With A Cloak, Westward the Women, An American In Paris

1952:  Singin’ In the Rain, Carbine Williams, The Prisoner of Zenda, Plymouth Adventure, Million Dollar Mermaid

1953:  Scandal At Scourie, Young Bess, Ride Vaquero, The Actress, Kiss Me Kate, All The Brothers Were Valiant

1954:  The Student Prince, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Valley of the Kings, Athena, Deep In My Heart

1955:  Many Rivers To Cross, Jupiter’s Darling, The Glass Slipper, Moonfleet, The Scarlet Coat, The King’s Thief

1956:  Diane, The Fastest Gun Alive, Lust For Life, Forbidden Planet, Tribute To a Bad Man

1957:  The Wings of Eagles, Gun Glory, Raintree County

1958:  The Brothers Karamazov, Merry Andrew, The Sheepman, The Law and Jake Wade, Some Came Running

1960:   Home From The Hill, Pollyanna, Bells Are Ringing, Cimarron

1961:  Pocketful of Miracles

1962:  The Four Horsemen Of the Apocalypse, Two Weeks In Another Town, How The West Was Won

1965:  Marriage On The Rocks

1966:  7 Women


Academy Award:  Best Costume Design-Colour, An American In Paris (1951)
Nominations:  Best Costume Design-BW, The Magnificent Yankee (1950); Best Costume Design-Colour, That Forsyte Woman (1950); Best Costume Design-BW, Kind Lady (1951); The Actress (1953); Best Costume Design-Colour, Young Bess (1953); Best Costume Design, Raintree County (1957); Some Came Running (1958); Best Costume Design-Colour, Pocketful Of Miracles (1961); How The West Was Won (1963)


Photo by mikl-em