Anthony Mendleson

Born:  February 7, 1915, London, England

Died:  October, 1996


1948:  Another Shore

1949:  Passport to Pimlico, Kind Hearts and Coronets, Train of Events, A Run For Your Money

1950:  The Blue Lamp, Cage of Gold, The Magnet

1951:  Pool Of London, The Lavender Hill Mob, The Man In The White Suit

1952:  His Excellency, Secret People, I Believe In You, Crash of Silence, The Gentle Gunman

1953:  Meet Mr. Lucifer

1954:  The Love Lottery, Lease of Life

1955:  PT Raiders, The Ladykillers

1956:  Who Done It?, The Gentle Touch, The Third Key

1957:  True As A Turtle, Big Time Operators, The One That Got Away

1958:  Innocent sinners, Bachelor Of Hearts

1959:  Left Right and Centre, The Mouse That Roared, Follow a Star

1960:  Make Mine Mink, Man In The Moon, The Bulldog Breed

1961:  I Like Money, A Matter of WHO

1962:  The Road To Hong Kong, Maid For Murder, Billy Budd

1963:  The Mind Benders, The Mouse on the Moon, Dr. Syn Alias The Scarecrow

1964:  The Long Ships, The Moon-Spinners, The Yellow Rolls Royce

1966:  The Fighting Prince of Donegal

1967:  A Matter Of Innocence

1968:  The Magus

1969:  Oh What Lovely War

1971:  Macbeth

1972:  Young Winston, Alice’s Adventures Of Wonderland

1974:  The Black Windmill

1975:  The Ghoul, One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing, Mr. Quilp

1976:  The Incredible Sarah

1977:  Gulliver’s Travels, A Bridge Too Far

1978:  The Boys From Brazil, The Great Train Robbery

1980:  Saturn 3, Rough Cut

1981:  Dragonslayer

1983:  Krull, The Keep

1985:  Murder Elite


Academy Award Nominations:  Best Costume Design, Young Winston (1972); The Incredible Sarah (1976)