Karl Struss

Born:  November 30, 1886, New York City, New York

Died:  December 16, 1981, Santa Monica, California


1920:  Something To Think About

1921:  Forbidden Fruit, The Affairs of Anatole, Fool’s Paradise

1922:  The Law and The Woman, Saturday Night, Fools First, Rich Men’s Wives, Minnie, Thorns and Orange Blossoms

1923:  The Hero, Poor Men’s Wives, Daughters of the Rich, Mothers-In-Law, Maytime

1924:  Poisoned Paradise: The Forbidden Story of Monte Carlo, Legend of Hollywood, White Man, Idle Tongues

1925:  The Winding Stair, Ben-Hur: A Tale Of The Christ

1926:  Hell’s Four Hundred, Sparrows, Meet the Prince, Forever After

1927:  Babe Comes Home, Sunrise

1928:  Drums of Love, Night Watch, The Battle of the Sexes

1929:  Lady of the Pavements, Coquette, The Taming of the Shrew

1930:  Lummox, Be Yourself!, The Bad One, One Romantic Night, Danger Lights, Abraham Lincoln

1931:  Kiki, Skippy, Up Pops the Devil, Women Love Once, Murder By The Clock, The Road To Reno, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

1932:  Two Kinds of Women, Dancers In the Dark, The World And The Flesh, Forgotten Commandments, The Man From Yesterday, Guilty As Hell, The Sign of the Cross, Island of Lost Souls

1933:  Tonight Is Ours, The Woman Accused, The Story of Temple Drake, The Girl In 419, Disgraced, One Sunday Afternoon, Torch Singer

1934:  Four Frightened People, Belle Of the Nineties, The Pursuit of Happiness, Here Is My Heart

1935:  Mississippi, Goin’ To Town, Two For Tonight

1936:  Anything Goes, The Preview Murder Mystery, Too Many Parents, Rhythm on the Range, Hollywood Boulevard, Go West Young Man, Let’s Make A Million

1937:  Waikiki Wedding, Mountain Music, Double Or Nothing, Thunder Trail, Every Day’s A Holiday

1938:  Sing You Sinners, Thanks For the Memory

1939:  Paris Honeymoon, Zenobia, Some Like It Hot, Island of Lost Men, The Star Maker

1940:  The Great Dictator

1941:  Caught In the Draft, Aloma Of The South Seas

1943:  Happy Go Lucky, Journey Into Fera, Riding High

1944:  And the Angels Sing, Rainbow Island

1945:  Bring On The Girls, Wonder Man

1946:  Tarzan and the Leopard Woman, Suspense, Mr. Ace

1947:  The Macomber Affair, Heaven Only Knows

1948:  The Dude Goes West

1949:  Siren of Atlantis, Tarzan’s Magic Fountain, Bad Boy, Call Of the Forest, Hello Out There

1950:  Rocketship X-M, It’s A Small World, The Return of Jesse James, The Texan Meets Calamity Jane, Father’s Wild Game

1951:  Tarzan’s Peril

1952:  Lady Possessed, Rose of Cimarron, Tarzan’s Savage Fury, Limelight, Face to Face

1953:  Mesa of Lost Women, Tarzan and the She-Devil, Neapolitan Turk, Funniest Show On Earth, Fatal Desire

1954:  Two Nights With Cleopatra, Poverty and Nobility

1956:  Mohawk

1957:  She Devil, Kronos, The Deerslayer

1958:  The Rawhide Trail, The Fly, The Hot Angel, Machete

1959:  The Sad Horse, The Rebel Set, Here Come The Jets, The Alligator People, Counterplot


Academy Award:  Best Cinematography, Sunrise (1927/28)
Nominations:  Best Cinematography, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931/32); The Sign of the Cross (1932/33); Aloma Of The South Seas (1941)