David Watkin

Born:  Margate, England, March 23, 1925

Died:  February 19, 2008, Brighton, England, 2008


1965:  The Knack And How To Get It, Help!

1966:  Mademoiselle

1967:  Marat/Sade, How I Won the War

1968:  The Charge of the Light Brigade

1969:  The Bed Sitting Room

1970:  Catch-22

1971:  The Devils, The Boy Friend

1973:  The Homecoming, Yellow Dog, A Delicate Balance, The Three Musketeers

1974:  The Four Musketeers

1975:  Mahogany

1976:  To The Devil A Daughter, Robin And Marian

1977:  Joseph Andrews

1979:  Hanover Street, That Summer!, Cuba

1981:  Chariots of Fire, Endless Love, Cinderella

1983:  Yentl

1984:  The Hotel New Hampshire

1985:  Return To Oz, White Nights, Out of Africa

1986:  Sky Bandits

1987:  Moonstruck

1988:  Masquerade, Journey to The Center of the Earth, The Good Mother, Last Rites

1990:  Memphis Belle, Hamlet

1991:  The Object of Beauty, The Cabinet Of Dr. Ramirez

1992:  Used People

1993:  This Boy’s Life, Bopha

1994:  Milk Money

1996:  Jane Eyre, Bogus, Night Falls On Manhattan

1997:  Through Roses, Obsession, Critical Care

1999:  Gloria, Tea With Mussolini

2001:  Lover’s Prayer


Academy Award:  Best Cinematography, Out Of Africa (1985)