Berlin 1963

Golden Bear: To Bed or Not to Bed by Gian Luigi Polidoro; Bushido, Samurai Saga by Tadashi Imai
Silver Bear for Best Director: Nikos Koundouros for Young Aphrodites
Silver Bear for Best Actress: Bibi Andersson for The Mistress
Silver Bear for Best Actor: Sidney Poitier for Lilies of the Field
Silver Bear Extraordinary Jury Prize: The Caretaker by Clive Donner


Chased by the Dogs
Freud: The Secret Passion
Garrincha: Hero of the Jungle
The Immortal
The Reunion
The Terrace
The Suitor
Life and Death in Flanders
The Innocents
Man and Beast
The Cellar
The Country Doctor
King, Queen and Slave
Heaven Sent
Stop Train 349
The Memorial Gate for Virtuous Women
Open Secret