Berlin 1961

Golden Bear: La notte by Michelangelo Antonioni
Silver Bear: Makkers Staakt uw Wild Geraas by Fons Rademakers
Silver Bear for Best Director: Bernhard Wicki for Das Wunder des Malachias
Silver Bear for Best Actress: Anna Karina for Une femme est une femme
Silver Bear for Best Actor: Peter Finch for No Love for Johnnie
Silver Bear Extraordinary Jury Prize: Mabu by Kang Dae-jin; Une femme est une femme by Jean-Luc Godard


The End of the Cancageiros
Amelie or The Time to Love
The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi
Zone of Danger
The Broken Pots
Five Day Lover
The Assassin
La patota
Young People
Black Silk
Question 7
Romanoff and Juliet
The Pleasure of His Company
The Scarlet Dove
Two Loves
The Bad Sleep Well
14,000 Witnesses