Berlin 1959

Golden Bear: Les Cousins by Claude Chabrol
Silver Bear for Best Director: Akira Kurosawa for The Hidden Fortress
Silver Bear for Best Actress: Shirley MacLaine for Ask Any Girl
Silver Bear for Best Actor: Jean Gabin for Archimède le clochard
Silver Bear Extraordinary Jury Prize: Hayley Mills for Tiger Bay

The Rest Is Silence
Ten Ready Rifles
The Village on the River
Beyond All Limits
Naked Sun
Hassan and Nayima
The Master and His Servants
Home Is the Hero
The Bell Tower: Missing Another Dawn
The Phantom Carriage
La caída
Wolves of the Deep
Three Loves in Rio
Panoptikum 59
The Poet and the Little Mother
The Holy Island
Sven Tuuva the Hero
Broken Spell
That Kind of Woman
Four Desperate Men
The Defeated Victor
And That on Monday Morning