William Holden

Born:  April 17, 1918, O’Fallon, Illinois.


1938:  Prison Farm

1939:  Million Dollar Legs, Golden Boy, Invisible Stripes

1940:  Good Old Schooldays, Our Town, Arizona

1941:  I Wanted Wings, Texas

1942:  The Fleet’s In, The Remarkable Andrew, Meet The Stewarts

1943:  Young and Willing

1947:  Blaze of Noon, Dear Ruth

1948:  The Man From Colorado, Rachel and the Stranger, Apartment For Pegy, The Dark Past

1949:  Streets Of Laredo, Innocence Is Bliss, Dear Wife

1950:  Father Is A Bachelor, Sunset Boulevard (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Union Station, Born Yesterday

1951:  Force Of Arms, Submarine Command

1952:  Boots Malone, The Turning Point

1953:  Stalag 17  (Oscar Winner: Best Actor), The Moon Is Blue, Die Jungfrau Auf Dem Dach, Forever Female, Escape From Fort Bravo

1954:  Executive Suite, Sabrina, The Bridges At Toko-Ri, The Country Girl

1955: Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing, Picnic

1956:  The Proud and Profane, Brink of Hell

1957:  The Bridge on the River Kwai

1958:  The Key

1959:  The Horse Soldiers

1960:  The World of Suzie Wong

1962:  The Devil Never Sleeps, The Counterfeit Traitor, The Lion

1964:  Paris When It Sizzles, The 7th Dawn

1966:  Alvarez Kelly

1967:  Casino Royale

1968:  The Devil’s Brigade

1969:  The Wild Bunch, The Christmas Tree

1971:  Wild Rovers

1972:  The Revengers

1973:  Breezy

1974:  Open Season, The Towering Inferno

1976:  Network  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1978:  Fedora, Omen II: Damien

1979:  Escape To Athena, Ashanti

1980:  When Time Ran Out…, The Earthling

1981:  S.O.B.


Died:  November 16, 1981, Santa Monica, California.