William Gargan

Born:  July 17, 1905, Brooklyn, New York.


1928:  Lucky Boy

1930:  Follow The Leader

1931:  His Woman

1932:  The Misleading Lady, Rain, The Sport Parade, The Animal Kingdom

1933:  Lucky Devils, Sweepings, The Story of Temple Drake, Emergency Call, Headline Shooter, Night Flight, Aggie Appleby Maker of Men

1934:  Four Frightened People, The Line-Up, Strictly Dynamite, British Agent

1935:  A Night At The Ritz, Traveling Saleslady, Black Fury, Don’t Bet On Blondes, Broadway Gondolier, Bright Lights, Things Are Looking Up

1936:  Man Hunt, The Milky Way, Sky Parade, Navy Born, Blackmailer, Alibi For Murder, Lucky Corrigan, Flying Hostess

1937:  You Only Live Once, Breezing Home, Wings Over Honolulu, Reported Missing, She Asked For It, Behind The Mike, Some Blondes Are Dangerous, You’re A Sweetheart

1938:  The Crime of Doctor Hallet, The Devil’s Party, The Crowd Roars, Personal Secretary

1939:  Within The Law, The Adventures of Jane Arden, Broadway Serenade, Women In the Wind, The House of Fear, Three Sons, The Housekeeper’s Daughter, Joe and Ethel Turp Call On The President

1940:  Double Alibi, Isle of Destiny, Star Dust, Turnabout, Sporting Blood, They Knew What They Wanted  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1941:  Cheers for Miss Bishop, Flying Cadets, I Wake Up Screaming, Keep ‘Em Flying

1942:  Sealed Lips, Bombay Clipper, A Close Call For Ellery Queen, Miss Annie Rooney, The Mayor of 44th Street, Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen, Destination Unknown, Who Done It

1943:  No Place For A Lady, Harrigan’s Kid, Swing Fever

1944:  The Canterville Ghost

1945:  She Gets Her Man, Song of the Sarong, Midnight Manhunt, The Bells of St. Mary’s, Follow That Woman

1946:  Behind Green Lights, Strange Impersonation, Night Editor, Murder In The Music Hall, Rendezvous 24, Hot Cargo, Till The End of Time, Swell Guy

1948:  The Argyle Secrets, Waterfront At Midnight

1949:  Dynamite

1956:  Miracle In The Rain, The Rawhide Years


Died:  February 17, 1979, San Diego, California.