William Bendix

Born:  January 14, 1906, New York City, New York.


1940:  They Drive By Night

1942:  Brooklyn Orchid, Woman of the Year, Wake Island  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), The Glass Key, Who Done It, Star Spangled Rhythm, Two Mugs From Brooklyn

1943:  The Crystal Ball, Taxi Mister, China, Hostages, Guadalcanal Diary

1944:  Lifeboat, The Hairy Ape, Abroad With Two Yanks, Greenwich Village

1945:  It’s In The Bag!, Don Juan Quilligan, A Bell For Adano, Duffy’s Tavern

1946:  Sentimental Journey, Two Years Before The Mast, The Blue Dahlia, The Dark Corner, White Tie and Tails

1947:  I’ll Be Yours, Calcutta, Blaze of Noon, The Web, Where There’s Life

1948:  The Time of Your Life, The Babe Ruth Story, Race Street

1949:  Cover Up, The Life of Riley, A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court, Streets of Laredo, The Big Steal, Johnny Holiday

1950:  Kill The Umpire, Gambling House

1951:  Detective Story, Submarine Command

1952:  A Girl In Every Port, Macao, Blackbeard The Pirate

1954:  Dangerous Mission

1955:  Crashout

1956:  Battle Stations

1958:  The Deep Six

1959:  Idol On Parade, Portrait Of a Sinner

1961:  Johnny Nobody, The Phony American

1962:  Boys Night Out

1963:  For Love Or Money, The Young And the Brave

1964:  Law of the Lawless

1965:  Young Fury


Died:  December 14, 1964, Los Angeles, California.