Warner Baxter

Born:  March 29, 1889, Columbus, Ohio


1918:  All Woman

1919:  Lombardi Ltd.

1921:  Sheltered Daughters, The Love Charm, Cheated Hearts, First Love

1922:  Her Own Money, The Girl In His Room, A Girl’s Desire, If I Were Queen, The Ninety and Nine

1923:  St. Elmo, Blow Your Own Horn, In Search of a Thrill

1924:  Alimony, His Forgotten Wife, Those Who Dance, The Female, Christine of the Hungry Heart, The Garden of Weeds

1925:  The Golden Bed, The Air Mail, The Awful Truth, Welcome Home, Rugged Water, A Son of His Father, The Best People

1926:  Mannequin, Miss Brewster’s Millions, The Runaway, Aloma of the South Seas, Mismates, The Great Gatsby

1927:  The Telephone Girl, Drums of the Desert, Singed, The Coward

1928:  A Woman’s Way, The Tragedy of Youth, Ramona, Three Sinners, Craig’s Wife, Danger Street, West of Zanzibar, In Old Arizona (Oscar Winner: Best Actor)

1929:  Linda, Thru Different Eyes, Behind that Curtain, Happy Days, En Karleksnatt vid Rio Grande

1930:  Such Men Are Dangerous, The Arizona Kid, Renegades

1931:  Doctors’ Wives, Daddy Long Legs, Their Mad Moment, The Squaw Man, The Cisco Kid, Surrender

1932:  Amateur Daddy, Man About Town, 6 Hours To Live

1933:  42nd Street, Dangerously Yours, I Loved You Wednesday, Paddy the Next Best Thing, Penthouse

1934:  As Husbands Go, Stand Up and Cheer, Such Women Are Dangerous, Grand Canary, Broadway Bill, Hell in the Heavens

1935:  One More Spring, Under The Pampas Moon

1936:  King of Burlesque, The Prisoner of Shark Island, Robin Hood of El Dorado, The Road To Glory, To Mary With Love, White Hunter

1937:  Slave Ship, Vogues of 1938, Wife Doctor and Nurse

1938:  Kidnapped, I’ll Give A Million

1939:  Wife Husband and Friend, The Return of the Cisco Kid, Barricade

1940:  Earthbound

1941:  Adam Had Four Sons

1943:  Crime Doctor, The Crime Doctor’s Strangest Case

1944:  Lady In The Dark, Shadows In the Night

1945:  The Crime Doctor’s Courage, The Crime Doctor’s Warning

1946:  Just Before Dawn, Crime Doctor’s Man Hunt

1947:  The Millerson Case, The Crime Doctor’s Gamble

1948:  The Gentleman From Nowhere

1949:  The Crime Doctor’s Diary, The Devil’s Henchman, Prison Warden

1950:  State Penitentiary


Died:  May 7, 1951, Beverly Hills, California.