Walter Matthau

Born:  October 1, 1920, Lower East Side, New York.


1955:  The Kentuckian, The Indian Fighter

1956:  Bigger Than Life

1957:  A Face In The Crowd, Slaughter On 10th Avenue

1958:  King Creole, Voice In The Mirror, Ride A Crooked Trail, Onionhead

1959:  Gangster Story

1960:  Strangers When We Meet

1962:  Lonely Are The Brave, Who’s Got The Action?

1963:  Island of Love, Charade

1964:  Ensign Pulver, Fail-Safe, Goodbye Charlie

1965:  Mirage

1966:  The Fortune Cookie  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actor)

1967:  A Guide For The Married Man

1968:  The Odd Couple, The Secret Life of an American Wife, Candy

1969:  Hello Dolly, Cactus Flower

1971:  A New Leaf, Plaza Suite, Kotch  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1972:  Pete ‘n’ Tillie

1973:  Charley Varrick, The Laughing Policeman

1974:  The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, Earthquake, The Front Page

1975:  The Sunshine Boys  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1976:  The Bad News Bears

1978:  House Calls, Casey’s Shadow, California Suite

1980:  Little Miss Marker, Hopscotch

1981:  First Monday In October, Buddy Buddy

1982:  I Ought To Be In Pictures

1983:  The Survivors

1985:  Movers & Shakers

1986:  Pirates

1988:  The Couch Trip, Il Piccolo Diavolo

1991:  JFK

1993:  Dennis The Menace, Grumpy Old Men

1994:  I.Q.

1995:  The Grass Harp, Grumpier Old Men

1996:  I’m Not Rapparport

1997:  Out To Sea

1998:  The Odd Couple II

2000:  Hanging Up


Died:  July 1, 2000, Santa Monica, California.