Walter Huston

Born:  April 5, 1883, Toronto, Ontario.


1929:  Gentlemen of the Press, The Lady Lies, The Virginian

1930:  Behind the Make-Up, Abraham Lincoln, The Bad Man, The Virtuous Sin

1931:  The Criminal Code, The Star Witness, The Ruling Voice, A House Divided

1932:  The Woman From Monte Carlo, The Beast of the City, Law and Order, The Wet Parade, Night Court, American Madness, Kongo, Rain

1933:  Gabriel Over the White House, Hell Below, Storm At Daybreak, Ann Vickers, The Prizefighter and the Lady

1934:  Keep ‘Em Rolling

1935:  Transatlantic Tunnel

1936:  Rhodes, Dodsworth  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1938:  Of Human Hearts

1939:  The Light That Failed

1941:  The Maltese Falcon, The Devil and Daniel Webster  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Swamp Water, The Shanghai Gesture

1942:  Always In My Heart, In This Our Life, Yankee Doodle Dandy (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1943:  December 7th The Movie, The Outlaw, Edge of Darkness, Mission To Moscow, The North Star

1944:  Dragon Seed

1945:  And Then There Were None

1946:  Dragonwyck, Duel In The Sun, Let There Be Light

1948:  The Treasure of the Sierra Madre  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actor), Summer Holiday

1949:  The Great Sinner

1950:  The Furies


Died:  April 7, 1950, Hollywood, California.