Walter Catlett

Born:  February 4, 1889, San Francisco, California

Died:  November 14, 1960, Woodland Hills, California


1924:  Second Youth

1926:  Summer Bachelors

1927:  The Music Master

1929:  Why Leave Home, Happy Days, Married In Hollywood

1930:  Let’s Go Places, The Big Party, Her Golden Calf, The Florodora Girl

1931:  The Front Page, Platinum Blonde, Maker of Men

1932:  Cock of the Air, Sky Devils, The Expert, It’s Tough To Be Famous, Back Street, Okay America, Big City Blues, Rain, The Sport Parade, Rockabye

1933:  Olsen’s Big Moment, Private Jones, Mama Loves Papa, Arizona To Broadway, Only Yesterday

1934:  Unknown Blonde, The Captain Hates The Sea, Lightning Strikes Twice

1935:  Every Night At Eight, The Affair of Susan, A Tale Of Two Cities

1936:  Mr. Deeds Goes To Town, We Went To College, Follow Your Heart, Cain and Mabel, Four Days Wonder, Banjo On My Knee, Sing Me A Love Song, I Loved A Soldier

1937:  On The Avenue, Love Is News, Wake Up And Live, Love Under Fire, Varsity Show, Danger Love At Work, Every Day’s A Holiday, Come Up Riches

1938:  Bringing Up Baby, Zaza, Going Places

1939:  Exile Express, Kid Nightingale

1940:  Pinocchio, Half A Sinner, Pop Always Pays, Comin’ Round the Mountain, Spring Parade, The Quarterback, Li’l Abner, Remedy For Riches

1941:  Honeymoon For Three, The Wild Man Of Borneo, You’re the One, Horror Island, Million Dollar Baby, Hello Sucker, Bad Men Of Missouri, Manpower, Unfinished Business, Sing Another Chorus, It Started With Eve, Steel Against The Sky

1942:  Wild Bill Hickok Rides, My Gal Sal, Syncopation, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Maisie Gets Her Man, Give Out Sisters, Between Us Girls, Heart of the Golden West, Star Spangled Rhythm

1943:  How’s About It?, They Got Me Covered, Hit Parade of 1943, Cowboy In Manhattan, Get Going, The West Side Kid, Fired Wife, His Butler’s Sister

1944:  Up In Arms, Hat Check Honey, Her Primitive Man, Lady Let’s Dance, Ghost Catchers, Pardon My Rhythm, Three Is A Family, My Gal Loves Music, Hi Beautiful, Lake Placid Serenade

1945:  The Man Who Walked Alone, I Love a Bandleader

1946:  Riverboat Rhythm, Slightly Scandalous

1947:  I’ll Be Yours

1948:  Are You With It, Mr. Reckless, The Boy With Green Hair

1949:  Henry The Rainmaker, Leave it To Henry, Look For The Silver Lining, Dancing In The Dark, The Inspector General

1950:  Father Makes Good, Father’s Wild Game

1951:  Father Takes The Air, Here Comes The Groom, Honeychile

1956:  Friendly Persuasion, The Gay Nineties

1957:  Beau James