Wallace Beery

Born:  April 1, 1885, Kansas City, Missouri.


1915:  The Slim Princess

1916:  The Janitor’s Vacation

1917:  Patria, The Little American

1928:  Johanna Enlists

1919:  The Unpardonable Sin, The Love Burglar, The Life Line, Soldiers of Fortune, Victory, Behind The Door, The Lone Wolf’s Daughter

1920:  The Virgin of Stamboul, The Mollycoddle, The Round-Up, The Last of the Mohicans, 813, The Rookie’s Return

1921:  Patsy, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, A Tale of Two Worlds, The Golden Snare, The Last Trail

1922:  The Rosary, Wild Honey, The Sagebrush Trail, The Man From Hell’s River, I Am The Law, Hurricane’s Gal, Alias Julius Caesar, Trouble, Robin Hood, A Blind Bargain, Only A Shop Girl

1923:  The Flame of Life, Stormswept, Bavu, Three Ages, Ashes of Vengeance, Drifting, The Spanish Dancer, The Eternal Struggle, Richard the Lion-Hearted, The Drums of Jeopardy, White Tiger

1924:  Unseen Hands, The Sea Hawk, The Signal Tower, Another Man’s Wife, The Red Lily, Dynamite Smith, Madonna of the Streets, So Big

1925:  Let Women Alone, Adventure, The Night Club, The Lost World, The Devil’s Cargo, The Great Divide, Coming Through, The Wanderer, In The Name of Love, Rugged Water, The Pony Express

1926:  Behind The Front, Volcano, We’re In The Navy Now, Old Ironsides

1927:  Casey At the Bat, Fireman Save My Child, Now We’re In The Air, Two Flaming Youths

1928:  Wife Savers, Partners In Crime, The Big Killing, Beggars of Life

1929:  Chinatown Nights, Stairs of Sand, The River of Romance

1930:  The Big House  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Billy The Kid, Way For A Sailor, A Lady’s Morals, Min and Bill

1931:  The Secret 6, Hell Divers, The Champ (Oscar Winner:  Best Actor)

1932:  Grand Hotel, Flesh

1933:  Tugboat Annie, Dinner At Eight, The Bowery

1934:  Viva Villa!, Treasure Island, The Mighty Barnum

1935:  West Point of the Air, China Seas, O’Shaughnessy’s Boy, Ah Wilderness

1936:  A Message To Garcia, Old Hutch

1937:  Good Old Soak, Slave Ship, The Bad Man of Brimstone

1938:  Port of Seven Seas, Stablemates

1939:  Stand Up and Fight, Sergeant Madden, Thunder Afloat

1940:  The Man From Dakota, 20 Mule Team, Wyoming

1941:  The Bad Man, Barnacle Bill

1942:  The Bugle Sounds, Jackass Mail

1943:  Salute To the Marines

1944:  Rationing, Barbary Coast Gent

1945:  This Man’s Navy

1946:  Bad Bascomb

1947:  The Mighty McGurk

1948:  Alias A Gentleman, A Date With Judy

1949:  Big Jack


Died:  April 15, 1949, Beverly Hills, California.