W.S. Van Dyke

Born:  March 21, 1889, San Diego, California.


1917:  The Land of Long Shadows, The Range Boss, Open Places, Men of the Desert, Gift o’Gab, Sadie Goes To Heaven

1918:  The Lady of the Dugout

1919:  The Hawk’s Trail

1920:  Daredevil Jack

1921:  Double Adventure, The Avenging Arrow

1922:  White Eagle, The Milky Way, According to Hoyle, Forget Me Not, The Boss Of Camp Four

1923:  The Little Girl Next Door, Destroying Angel, The Miracle Makers, Ruth of the Range

1924:  Half-A-Dollar Bill, Loving Lies, The Beautiful Sinner, Winner Take All, Gold Heels

1925:  Barriers Burned Away, The Trail Rider, Hearts and Spurs, Ranger of the Big Pines, The Timber Wolf, The Desert’s Price

1926:  The Gentle Cyclone, War Paint

1927:  Winners of the Wilderness, California, The Eyes of the Totem, The Heart of the Yukon, Foreign Devils, Spoilers of the West

1928:  Wyoming, Under The Black Eagle, The Adventurer, White Shadows In The South Seas

1929:  The Pagan

1931:  Trader Horn, Never the Twain Shall Meet, Guilty Hands, The Cuban Love Song

1932:  Tarzan the Ape Man, Night Court

1933:  Penthouse, The Prizefighter and the Lady, Eskimo

1934:  Laughing Boy, Manhattan Melodrama, The Thin Man  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), Hide-Out, Forsaking All Others

1935:  Naughty Marietta, Broadway Melody of 1936, I Live My Life

1936:  Rose-Marie, San Francisco  (Oscar Nomination: Best Director), His Brother’s Wife, The Devil Is A Sissy, Love On The Run, After the Thin Man

1937:  Personal Property, They Gave Him A Gun, The Prisoner of Zenda, Rosalie

1938:  Marie Antoinette, Sweethearts

1939:  Stand Up And Fight, It’s A Wonderful World, Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever, Another Thin Man

1940:  I Take This Woman, Northwest Passage, New Moon, I Love You Again, Bitter Sweet

1941:  Rage In Heaven, The Feminine Touch, Shadow of the Thin Man

1942:  Dr. Kildare’s Victory, I Married An Angel, Cairo, Journey For Margaret


Died:  February 5, 1943, Brentwood, California.