Vincent Gardenia

Born:  January 7, 1920, Naples, Italy.


1945:  The House on 92nd Street

1958:  Cop Hater

1960:  Murder Inc.

1961:  Parrish, Mad Dog Coll, The Hustler

1962:  A View From The Bridge

1965:  The Third Day

1970:  Jenny, Where’s Poppa

1971:  Little Murders, Cold Turkey

1972:  Hickey & Boggs

1973:  Bang The Drum Slowly  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor),  Lucky Luciano

1974:  Death Wish, The Front Page

1975:  The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery, La Banca Di Monate

1976:  House of Pleasure for Women, The Big Racket, Luna Di Mele in Tre

1977:  Fire Sale, Greased Lightning

1978:  Heaven Can Wait

1979:  Firepower, Home Movies, The House By The Edge of the Lake, That’s Life

1980:  The Last Flight of Noah’s Ark

1982:  Death Wish II

1983:  Ciao Nemico

1985:  Movers & Shakers

1986:  Little Shop of Horrors

1987:  Moonstruck  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1988:  Cheeeese, Cavalli Si Nasce

1989:  Skin Deep

1991:  The Super


Died:  December 9, 1992, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania